Len Forkas, Hopecam founder and RAAM competitor thanks RecoFit for their product and support in the 2012 Race Across America:

Luis Vargas, Senior Coach and Co-founder, MarkAllenOnline.com:

“For the past three years Recofit been the official compression wear for the MarkAllenOnline elite triathlon team. From training to competition, our athletes use the Recofit components. The calf sleeves and full-leg compression sleeves are made in a wide range of sizes and are of the finest technical materials in order to provide the right amount of compression and limit wear and tear. MarkAllenOnline recommends RecoFit without any reservation. Try one today!”

Rachel Sears Casanta, Hypercat Racing – Performance Coaching for Endurance Athletes:

“RecoFit has become an integral part of my training and racing regimen. Due to my back issues, I tend to easily develop lower-leg problems so I am quite sensitive to my feet, ankles, shins and calves. To keep me going and to assist in recovery, I have worn the RecoFit sleeves after virtually every intensity session. In addition, I have worn the RecoFit sleeves for car trips lasting three or more hours. My legs don’t feel the normal fatigue and sluggishness that travel generates. I’m going to insist all of my Ironman triathletes get compressed.”

Andy Avedisian, Fleet Feet Sports, Owner, Birmingham AL:

“Recofit has been a great product for us to offer our customers. The fit and function are right on and the benefits are clearly being experienced by our customers as they report back to us. The price point also fits in well among other options.”

Peter Stetina, pro cyclist, BMC Pro Cycling Team:

“I gotta say, this is some of the best compression gear I’ve used. And yesterday was the big test — an international flight. I was very precise about putting them on and keeping the stretch equal throughout the garment. As your gear is lighter than most I never overheated under my jeans ( a common 2-layer problem), and I didn’t have any slippage issues (until the end of the trip after about 22 hours of travel and continuous wear). Most importantly, my legs were not swollen at all after walking through the airport a few minutes! I’d like to get a few more pair for the season!”

Roberto Mandje, Olympian, XTerra champion, World Championship Competitor, 2x Colorado State 12K XC champion:

“RecoFit Compression Gear is easily some of my most valued tools to help my training, competing and recovery. Their full-leg compression sleeves are something I won’t leave behind when traveling to competitions. Being a world-class athlete and Olympian means more than just training hard, it requires taking recovery very seriously. That’s why I rely on RecoFit Compression for my training and racing needs.”