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Rob Mandje finishes 2nd at Xterra Mountain Champs!

Notice Rob is rocking both the black and white RecoFit Calf Sleeves for the race!  In addition to placing 2nd at the Xterra Mountain Champs he also  led the kid’s race. Click here to read his race report and see fun photos! 

Finish Line! - Je suis fatigué

Décio Ribeiro comes in 5th place – XTerra Brasil in Ilhabela, 80km Endurance

Décio Ribeiro is the coach of D-Run  running team in Campinas, Brazil.
He had an amazing 5th place finish at XTerra Brazil’s 80km Endurance in Ilhabela
80km…that’s 50 miles!

Décio Ribeiro in the XTerra Brasil in Ilhabela, 80km Endurance

He wore his black RecoFit Calf Compression Sleeves to race and his white Calf Compression Sleeves for recovery.  
Good choice wearing the white when there wasn’t so much dirt!

Décio Ribeiro in the XTerra Brasil in Ilhabela, 80km Endurance 3

Full Leg Compression Sleeves Review

Steve-Baseball-2We recently received yet another review of RecoFit Full Leg Compression Sleeves.  The review comes to us from Sophia who writes the blog From PDX with Love.  She let her friend Steve who plays baseball try them and this is what he says:


 “Overall I like the Recofit Full Leg Compression and I believe that it has helped me with muscle and joint recovery after my workouts. I would recommend that athletes and outdoors people, especially those with knee issues, look into this product.”

Click here to read the full review!