Full Leg Compression Sleeves Review

Steve-Baseball-2We recently received yet another review of RecoFit Full Leg Compression Sleeves.  The review comes to us from Sophia who writes the blog From PDX with Love.  She let her friend Steve who plays baseball try them and this is what he says:


 “Overall I like the Recofit Full Leg Compression and I believe that it has helped me with muscle and joint recovery after my workouts. I would recommend that athletes and outdoors people, especially those with knee issues, look into this product.”

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Max King Dominates Yankee Springs Trail Run Weekend

RecoFit athlete and elite trail runner Max King spent this past weekend in the Michigan at the 3rd annual Yankee Springs Trail Run, which is part of the Switchback Endurance Series. King absolutely dominated at the event, winning three races and setting three course records. And, instead of basking in the glory of these wins, King hung out at the race and cheered on his fellow runners as they crossed the finish line. Way to go Max, you rock!

Thank you Wolfhound Marketing Group for the following photos from the event.

[Below: Newly blonde Max King is happy after his record-setting half marathon win]
YankeeSprings1[Below: Max King lounging on the grass after the race, wearing his RecoFit Leg Sleeves]YankeeSprings2

Strong Reviews from Strong Moms

Since RecoFit is a small, woman-owned company, we love seeing women of all ages get on board with our products. We recently had two great women write positive reviews of our products on their blogs.





The first review comes to us from Erin Henderson. A mother to 12 children, Erin began running in 2009. She now is attempting to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Trials after much success on the road over the past 4 years.

Check out Erin’s review of our products (and learn more about her crazy and wonderful life) at See Mom Run Far Blogspot!






The second review is by a runner and a mother based in Florida. She purchased our calf sleeves through the Running Warehouse and, after returning multiple pairs of compression sleeves from other brands, found that our product was the winner! She kept the RecoFit calf sleeves and has since fallen in love with them.

Check out this mom’s great RecoFit review on her blog, named in honor of her son.