Tech Ts Are Here!

RecoFit tech t-shirts feel soft like cotton and perform like the technical sports shirts they are.   Available in men’s and women’s cuts.  Both feature our home state’s cool flag on the lower back.  Only $25!

USMES Wears RecoFit!

A USMES triathlete shows off her new RecoFit calf sleevves.

A USMES triathlete shows off her new RecoFit calf sleevves.

The U.S. Military Endurance Sports organization has selected RecoFit to be its proud, official compression partner!  This non-profit orgausmeslogonization supporting recreational and competitive endurance activities for current and former members of the Uniformed Services seeks to raise awareness of the physical and psychological benefits of endurance sports.

USMES athletes, who are current, retired and veteran members of our Armed Forces, have access to coaches, training programs, equipment and resources to help them run, bike and participate in triathlons.  They learn nutrition, diet, how to compete and enjoy the comradery of team work.  And now they will experience the benefits of RecoFit Compression Gear to perform better and recover faster!


RecoFit Renews Boulder-Proud Partnership

RecoFit Compression Gear is once again celebrating its local roots with new additions of Boulder companies to its playful marketing campaign.  Its simple objective is to have fun and make customers smile while reinforcing the quality of local companies’ products.

It began as an effort for independently-owned RecoFit to stand out from its larger corporate competitors.  RecoFit includes samples of other Boulder products in its shipments to retailers and online orders.  “I want our customers to anticipate the arrival of our product, instead of it being just another box of inventory coming to a store.   And it builds a more personal relationship with our online customers,” said RecoFit owner, Susan Eastman Walton.  “Including another Boulder-born product in each order reinforces that Boulder knows health and fitness and that our products ‘walk the talk.’  It also makes people smile to find a surprise inside.”

Eastman Walton has brought on two new companies that exemplify this Boulder branding: in addition to returning Skratch Labs, Breeze Bars and Bulumu Granola, Good Day Chocolate and Goddess Garden Organics are now on board.

“Of course we jumped at the chance to work with another Boulder brand doing great things,” said Simeon Margolis, Good Day Chocolate co-founder. “RecoFit customers are a perfect fit for our ‘chocolate with benefits’ and we get to share the Colorado love with more people.”

“Word-of-mouth advertising is really powerful, and we’re grateful for the chance to be introduced to RecoFit’s customers.  Plus, it’s fun to be a “prize inside!” said Nova Covington, Goddess Garden’s co-founder and CEO.

Breeze Bars’ inventor Breeze Brown added, “This partnership has a playful take on marketing, it fits Boulder.  Perhaps these RecoFit customers, after being introduced to our products, will carry us, too.”

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