RecoFit MTB Team Sponsorships for 2013

RecoFit is proud to announce the sponsorship of two Colorado-based MTB teams Pedal Pushers Racing and the Trek Colorado Race Team.

Both teams will be focusing on endurance and XC mountain bike racing, which is an audience that will benefit highly from the use of our compression products. We look forward to working with both teams and wish them well in the 2013 season!

Check out the Pedal Pushers Racing website for more information:
Check out the Trek Colorado Race Team Facebook page for more information: Trek Colorado Race Team Facebook


Mike, we salute you!

RecoFit-sponsored hero Mike Ehredt completed his Project America Run Part II on Veterans Day, 2012. Mike ran a marathon a day starting in August, from the U.S./Canadian border all the way to Galveston, TX, to honor fallen servicemen and women in Afghanistan. RecoFit helped with his daily performance and recovery on his noble mission.

ABC World News aired this wonderful piece about the completion of Mike Ehredt’s marathon journey. This and the related segment of a young boy awaiting his father’s return from Afghanistan will bring tears to your eyes. Mike, we salute you!

RecoFit Full Leg Compression Sleeves Reviewed

Ultrarunner Jonathan Clinthorne, also known as “Toe”, posted a great review on his blog Biochemical Ultrarunner of our Full Leg Compression Sleeves! Thanks Jonathan and we’re glad you love our stuff!

“While I don’t use [RecoFit Leg Compressors] on a daily basis, they are a must when I am packing my bag for a trip that involves a lot of running.  I will again emphasize the durability and excellent fit, because I think those are really important aspects to consider when purchasing compression gear.  That being said, the RecoFit Leg Compressors retail at $75.00, which I seems reasonable for a piece of clothing that I am seems as if will last me for well over a year.”

Check out Jonathan’s full review here. Follow him on Twitter! (@toeruns100)


Hello and welcome to RecoFit Compression Gear’s new and improved website!

RecoFit Compression Gear is athlete designed and tested in Boulder, Colorado and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. We aim to provide the highest quality compression gear along with the best customer service around!

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