Reviews from Athletes

Feedback from the field is the best!  We want to share a product review from triathlete Tim Hacker in Arizona.  Love the luv we get from afar!

Damaging Solar Radiation

It’s hot.  Blazing hot.  And just published an insightful piece on what that sun is doing to you while pounding the pavement and pushing the pedals.  Read this, then order a pair of RecoFit Armcoolers to combat the damaging effects on your performance.  Use code health for FREE SHIPPING.

How Orcabooty Tights Got Their Name

Sure, it sounds counter-intuitive:  orcabooty = whale butt.  Yuuuuge.  But au contraire! Put on a pair of these new compression tights and watch what happens to your booty.  And read how the nickname came to be in this fun feature article that was published in the Daily Camera newspaper:

As Seen in Runner’s World

RWcover1RecoFit’s new women’s compression tights are featured in the April issue of Runner’s World!  See “The Tight Stuff” by Lisa Jhung on page 62!