Trek Colorado Racing Team Loves RecoFit!

 post-racegrowlerTraining for endurance mountain-bike racing is tough work. The many hours on the bike climbing hills and doing intervals create sore muscles and deep fatigue. After doing this five days a week for 10-20 hours, we need all the help we can get to recover faster so that we can train again. So we found RecoFit Compression Gear. Our team has been using RecoFit products since the beginning of the year. We have been using the full-leg compression sleeves, the calf compression sleeves and Armcoolers. These products have been instrumental in our training and racing this season, and we’ve been getting some some good results.

Our lives are busy and it’s rare that we can lay on the couch or sit with our feet up after our workouts. Soon after completing our training sessions we are playing with our kids, doing yard work or other domestic duties. While wearing the compression sleeves we find our legs are fresher the next morning. Fresh legs mean that we are able to do another hard workout. Sleeping in them helps with the recovery even better. You’ll likely see us wearing them as part of our normal attire.

RecoFit is not like other compression wear. The products are made from a carbon-based fabric that provides a greater durability and stronger compression. Furthermore, they are right- and left-leg-specific to better target the muscles for greater recovery.


Here is what our team is saying:

Adam Haid:


Adam says that his wife jokes that he never goes anywhere without them. 

“I never truly understood recovery until I tried the RecoFit compression sleeves. I have owned other sets of compression gear before but compared to how effective RecoFit is, those products merely served a cosmetic purpose. With RecoFit I have the confidence to tackle hard training days back-to-back. The feeling of recovery in my legs after wearing the compression sleeves is something I didn’t know existed.“








Charlie Hayes:


Charlie keeps the sun off his arms with the Armcoolers.

“I’ve been using RecoFit products since February and they have been instrumental in having a fun season. So far, I’ve used the Armcoolers in every race and during many training rides in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees to 75 degrees F. While cooling is their main benefit, I’ve noticed their gentle compression keeps my arms fresher than without; and my dermatologist is happy because they provide 50+ sun protection as well.”










Curt Wilhelm:

The Armcoolers kept Curt cool on a warm day at The Original Growler.

“Living at 9200 ft elevation in the Rocky Mountains provides for great training, but recovery takes a bit longer up here than it does in Boulder. Before using RecoFit it was difficult to do back-to-back days of hard riding. When wearing my full-leg compression sleeves right after my training session, I find that my legs are less fatigued by the end of the day and fresher the next day, allowing for another hard workout.”










Jon Davis:


We caught Jon taking a post-race nap wearing the calf sleeves.