Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors, Age Groupers, Amateur Athletes — proud, symbolic badges of honor worn by thousands of people from all over who are committed to staying active.  They are juggling full-time jobs, family, community obligations, carpool and Tuesday-night Bingo.  Where does the training fit in?  The training regimen of a weekend warrior is as unique as the athletes themselves.  However there is a common thread of struggle between all those thousands of people: balance.  It’s the eternal struggle of give and take, too much or too little, making sacrifices or making changes.


Top Gear Tri Team

Top Gear Tri Team

Utah’s Top Gear Triathlon Team is no different and our quest for balance is like my smart phone with its weekly updates.  Our team includes a police officer, business owner, truck driver, hair stylist, personal trainer and full-time mother.  We compete in everything from sprint distance to full distance triathlons and marathons.  And just like you we want to do well, not necessarily to win but to do our best and have fun.  Our struggle for balance is the same as yours, cutting training time to be with family, cutting family time to train longer.  We’ve certainly had to make our fair share of adjustments along the way, lots of adjustments.


Rolynn Snow with daughter

Some of these include communicating better with our spouses and kids about our training. That means being aware that a training session might have to change at the last minute and not let it affect your workout.   We’ve had to adapt.  Laps at the pool might change to water tag with the kids instead.  Or a speed workout might change to a strength workout by pulling a bike trailer or pushing a stroller.  We’ve organized a family fun run by pinning on our old bib numbers with our finisher medals as prizes.  Try bringing the family to your races and allow them to be a part of an environment that creates a healthy life style.  We believed in getting them involved so they might get excited for their own possibilities.


Other adjustments came in the form of adopting cleaner nutrition and wearing the right gear.  Both can help your muscles recover better from the hours of training.  Our goal was to not miss out on a serious game of Kick the Can, Hide and Seek or a 4:30 tea party with “The Tiny” and “Miss Little.”  One of my must-have pieces of gear is RecoFit’s calf compression sleeves.  Introduced to the team just before the 2013 season, they have been used for training, during an event for performance and after for recovery.  This
simple piece of gear has kept our legs feeling better and recovering quicker.
All good things when you’re an aging Age Grouper and limited on time!


About the Blogger:

Rolynn Snow police officerRolynn Snow began riding bicycles when he was 16 and fell in love with it.  He began to compete in triathlons early in the 2011 season and currently rides for Top Gear Triathlon Team out of Bountiful, Utah.  His wife Timalee, son and two daughters are an important factor to his training schedule.  Rolynn has spent 17 years as a police officer as you might gather from the photo to the left.