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Posted 03/06/2013

I was recently asked by the amazing Susan (the genius behind RecoFit) if I’d be interested in doing some guest blogging over here and, of course, I said yes!  How could I possibly pass up an opportunity to ramble on about running and compressing, on another platform?  I’m new to this whole process, i.e. writing for someone other than myself, so there I sat on the couch, laptop on…lap…coffee in hand, staring at the screen.  Blank.  For a long time.  When I blog, it’s usually completely off the cuff, as in it just comes to me.  There’s no plan, or main focus (race reports excluded), I just start typing and then the magic happens.  Kidding, I don’t actually refer to my blogging as ‘magic’.  At least not all the time 😉  I also break a lot of grammar and sentence construction rules…eek!

And, I go off on a lot of tangents, but I usually find my way back 🙂 This morning I woke up with the goal of writing this here post, so let’s see where this takes us.

My name is Paige, and I live in a truly incredible city nestled up against the mountains.  Literally, they are right there, not, like, sort of there and a two hour drive to actually get ‘there’.  Close proximity of the mountains was a requirement.  My husband and I quit our Post1cushy jobs back in Chicago in May, 2012, without any plans other than my starting school somewhere in the fall, heading west to the mountains, and taking the summer off.  We packed our worldly possessions in a Budget truck, drove it across the country, stored everything in our friends’ house along the east bench of Salt Lake City, Utah for the summer, and then commenced with a summer-long road trip in which we camped out of the back of our Tacoma, ran up and down mountains, bagged 14ers, National Park-hopped, ran some of the most beautiful trails, sucked wind, acclimatized, visited friends and family, discovered new microbrews, and generally lived indulgently and totally irresponsibly.

It was fantastic.

Then school started for me (I’m in the final stages of applying into a physical therapist assistant program), my husband found a great job, and we re-entered society and very happily settled into our new hometown of Salt Lake City.  The Wasatch Mountains are excellent training grounds for the kinds of races we enjoy, and they helped us both to whip out some awesome times at the Wasatch 100 and the Bear 100 this past fall.  We have big dreams for this year, and it will be in large part aided by my RecoFit Calf Sleeves and Full Leg Compression Sleeves…those things keep me running year-round, and keep me from cramping up during long road trips or plane rides home after races.

When I’m not studying, working, running, or finding new ways to incorporate kale or butternut squash into…everything…I blog over at, and tweet on occasion at @paigeruns.  I’m looking forward to sharing my random thoughts, musings and general running blather over here.

It’s time for a long run.  Thanks for stopping by!


About the Blogger

BioPicPaige is an avid runner of long distances on beautiful trails and a lover of mountains, and kale, living, running, and working alongside the majestic Wasatch Mountains in the great city of Salt Lake with her husband and running partner, Geof.  RecoFit entered her life in 2010 and her legs have never been happier.  Paige has a very serious case of the runs and she enjoys blogging about it at:

Photo credit: Robert Corson [2012 Bear 100]