Overcoming “Travel Legs”

By Emma Grant

“Travel legs” are the bane of athletes! To say that racing on travel legs is less than ideal is an understatement . They feel heavy, sluggish and don’t cooperate with your mind’s commands. Your body may be technically fresh from doing nothing, but sitting while traveling, however, is definitely tiring. And if the energy drain isn’t enough, airplanes harbor the perfect environment for picking up a last-minute, pre-race cootie when your immune system is already taxed from training. Sitting sedentary in a close, confined position saps your legs, and then the thought of racing fresh — or not so fresh — once off the plane is the stuff of athletes’ nightmares.

Happily, my cross-country stint from Seattle to Boston in September for the Mayors Cup with Team Colavita/Bianchi was a breeze compared with other trips. Why? Because this time I was armed with my new pair of RecoFit Compression Gear full-leg sleeves. For the first time of racing off the back of a travel day, my legs were not swollen and I didn’t look like I had acquired a set of “cankles!” In the race, I managed to launch an attack in the latter stages to hold off the sprinters’ charge, finishing the season on a high, and winning with my anti-travel legs! Of course staying hydrated, eating clean and napping mitigated some of the negative sensations from travel, but wrapping my legs up tight in RecoFit made the difference in transforming my travel legs into fresh legs.


Whilst the bike-racing season has drawn to an end, I am making the most of my remaining down-time in Boulder, Colo., before I head back over “the pond” for winter. My RecoFit leggings continue to help by offsetting some of the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that cyclists get to “enjoy” when they spice up their offseason with higher-impact cross-training adventures. That means that in Colorado, one must tackle at least one “14er” (a Rocky Mountain topping out at more than 14,000 feet), which is no simple feat when your legs are only accustomed to pushing on pedals and are now being asked to climb thousands of feet up a mountain.

Well, I say, bring it! And thank goodness for my RecoFits.


Emma Grant, 24, from Oxford, England, is an aspiring 2020 Olympian in road cycling.
She switched from running to cycling in 2009 following the U.K. talent ID program, Girls 4 Gold. She competed in the U.S. this summer as a guest member of Team Colavita/Bianchi, including racing in the first women’s USA Pro Challenge in Colorado. Her motto, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” perfectly depicts her mindset for her upcoming goals.

* Featured Image Credit : Scott Kingsley