Racing Afar and Overcoming Jet Lag

Posted 9/12/2013

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Racing and travel are two of my favorite things.  Owning a business that incorporates both is a dream come true.  With Tri the World Travel ( we handle all of the logistics, allowing the athlete to focus on his or her training while we take care of the rest!  A “trication” or “runcation” is the perfect blend to create a memorable and exciting trip for you and your family.


Michelle's race kit

Michelle’s race kit

Whether your race dreams take you domestically or abroad, there are certain things you will need to know to make your trip a success.  Following are our three top tips  to minimize the dreaded jet lag and to get you to your race (or back from it!) feeling fresh and ready to roll.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate — Have you ever seen what a water bottle on an airplane does between take-off and landing?  Imagine your body going through some of that same trauma!  Keep the fluids coming, preferably water.  We know adult libations are part of a “trication,” too, so just make sure your water wins that battle.


Acclimate to time zones — Acclimating to time zones can be tricky.  You may be leaving in the afternoon, changing planes mid-way the next morning and finally reaching your destination that night,  when it is morning time for your body, based on your home time zone.  Try working your sleep patterns to that of your destination.  If it means you sleep on the plane rather than watching the feature film, so be it. Bring a sleep mask with you.  Our bodies know when it is light out and will fight the need to sleep so “make it night” by donning your eye mask and using your ear plugs for quiet time or gentle tunes through your headphones to help you achieve meaningful rest.  If an aid is needed, consider a homeopathic option, such as Hyland’s Calms Forte ( for a gentle sleep aid with no groggy aftermath.


Running with RecoFit on cropped

Michelle runs in her RecoFit during races

Compression — We have all heard about the risks of flying and blood clots.  As athletes we already know the benefits of wearing compression gear when racing or while recovering. — so why do we forget to use it when we travel? I have recently found the best compression for travel (and recovery for that matter) during a 26-hour trip to Africa: RecoFit Compression Gear!  Their full-leg sleeves  come in pairs and are right- and left-specific.  They extend from the upper thigh all the way to the ankle, leaving your feet open to breathe!  At the ankle there is no elastic band challenging the effects of compression or pooling the blood between bands.  Instead, there is a gentle elastic gripper at the upper thigh and graduated levels of compression throughout the product.  Wear these when you travel and your legs will thank you! They will feel fresher and ready to roll the minute you touch down at your destination. Don’t forget to don them again after your race, as well as for your return flight home!


Whether you are looking for your next race or needing complete travel logistics for a race already on your calendar, contact Tri the World Travel, your full-service, multisport travel agency and leave the details to us!


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Michelle Jezycki is the owner of Tri the World Travel, creator of the Bike Coat, Hyland’s Masters Athlete, and Athleta Esprit de She Ambassador.  She has been racing for 13 years on nearly every continent and has competed in four Ironman triathlons.