Meet TR!

Posted 6/3/2013

My name is TR. That’s all you really need to know. (Oh, he thinks he’s Prince, Bono or Madonna!). Well, that and … I run a lot. I think about running as often as young men living in their parents’ basement think about Megan Fox. Yes, that much. I also have a tendency to write my subliminal thoughts in parentheses (because that’s not annoying).

RecofitRun-BlogFull names are not important to Ultra runners because we don’t really care who you are, we only care that you run. And part of being able to run long, insane distances is being able to do it again rather quickly … and that’s where RecoFit comes in. To me, the most important part of the run is the recovery (and Chipotle). This is where most noobs (rookies) blow it (to my satisfaction) on race day.

You are only as good as your recovery (or your parents’ genes). With my RecoFit arsenal I am back on my feet faster than most. And when I run in my calf sleeves I am fresher at the finish and able to come back stronger and faster next time.

Why listen to me? Because I am not paid to endorse this product and I am honest. Example: The minimalist shoe movement is ridiculous. Yes, please … run on condom-thin shoes and destroy your legs. Why? Because we were selling thicker shoes last year and we need something new to sell this year.

Did I mention I was honest?

Okay, back to RecoFit. I’m sure there’s a lot of scientific data on their website to tell you how great their product reduces wear and tear and circulates blood when it would otherwise be pooling in your legs. From personal experience, I can tell you that when I am finished running distances that most people struggle to achieve on a bike or in a car, I like to slip on my RecoFits and watch Duck Dynasty on TV as I recover for the next round (while combing my beard).

At the end of the day, I am better because of RecoFit. I run better wearing my calf sleeves and recover faster in my full-leg sleeves. Last year I ran five 50s and two 100s with the “support” (see what I did there?) of my RecoFit compression. There isn’t a shirt, short, gel or GPS watch that does what Recofit does — to allow me to push harder and recover faster. At the end of the day, what else would you really want? (Other than a mojito!)

How did I come to find Recofit? Well, I was actually going to sneak into the back yard of this house along my favorite trail and steal some water. What?! Like that’s bad? Believe me, as a long-distance runner I usually sneak into places to do things best saved for McDonalds’ bathrooms. Anyway, it turns out that the owner of this particular house was gardening in the yard and she busted me. Well, actually, she let me take some water from the hose and we started to talk. It turns out that she was the owner of RecoFit Compression Gear. And what I found was a down-to-earth person who truly wants all types and levels of athletes to perform better and recover faster. Which made me want to try her product. And guess what — it lived up to her claims.

Since then, I can think of no better company or person to trust with my running.


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TR can be found running around Boulder, Colorado, mocking other runners who don’t wave or say hello.  If you like to waste time at work, you can follow him on Twitter at @missingnail.  If approached in the wild by TR, it is best to make yourself as tall as possible and make loud noises.  Oh, wait — that’s for bears or mountain lions.  Never mind.