The Compression Life

Posted 07/02/2013

As endurance athletes, we’re beginning to understand the value of compression products.  We wear them to perform better and recover faster.  However, for most of us, we tie the compression sleeves’ benefits solely to athletic performance and health.  The problem is that we are athletes for only a few hours a day, which leaves plenty of extra time to either improve or regress in other areas of life.

Though we value compression sleeves in athletics, how many of us apply the principles of compression to our everyday lives?

Baylor Barbee_finishlineCalf sleeves go a long way in preventing and protecting us from shin injuries from bad technique and the pounding our shins take, but do you allow people in your real life to beat you down? Many of us take care of our physical selves but do little to protect our mental and emotional selves from the negativity that people try and bring into our lives.  The constant nagging and wear and tear your mind takes from toxic people around you can have far greater implications than any shin splint or physical injury.

Compression sleeves keep our blood flowing in a positive progressive manner by encouraging the blood flow to and from the heart.  We know this is effective physically, but do you realize it’s equally as effective mentally?  When we not only push ourselves to do good and put good into the world (heart), but encourage others to do the same, we act as that “compression sleeve” of life that keeps everything around us moving forward.  This enhances the value of our lives and propels us more quickly toward our ambitions and dreams.  At the same time, it keeps our lives in balance, filled with positive energy, much like the oxidizing properties of the sleeves we wear.

Baylor Barbee_running_largeI encourage everyone to start applying the compression principles to your life.  Start by squeezing out the negativity in your life, the stress, the bickering, and the complaining.  Obviously, we deal with these issues in life but we don’t have to allow them to linger. Rinse these from our lives.  Surround yourself with a tight-knit group of friends and family that push you forward, and in the same manner, push them to succeed as well. 

Learn to minimize the vibrations and distractions in your life that keep you from going in the direction you want to go.  Get good at saying No to the things that don’t bring you the Yes you want in life.  Much like the gradient compression in the sleeves, tighten up the areas in your life that are slowing you down and let loose on your path toward your dreams.
Circulate Good into the world. Live a Compression Life today!

By Baylor Barbee


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Baylor Barbee_faceshotMeet Baylor Barbee, motivational speaker, author and triathlete, a man of many hats and a new fan of RecoFit.  His is a life well-lived, from being a scholarship athlete playing Big XII collegiate football and earning a Master’s degree from Baylor University, to public speaking and coaching.  Strong in his Christian faith, Barbee says, “I have lofty goals and work daily to reach them, not just because I want to but because I want to show YOU that ANYTHING in life is possible with faith and commitment to a plan.  Achieve the impossible!”