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Which is harder, Ultra Running or Ironman?

Which is harder, Ultra Running or Ironman?

Ultra Runner turned Ironman Finds It All Equally Insane

By TR Maloney

I have fallen pretty far off the radar and Ironman training is to blame. If you remember me from my previous vainglorious post – and you should (, I was in Ultra Runner mode and collecting belt buckles while losing toenails. Life was easier back then. Get up, run, recover, watch TV (or work), sleep and repeat. Now with Ironman I don’t have time to do anything!

If I’m not dragging my knuckles off the pool wall I am riding my tri’ bike and testing the elasticity of my hamstrings. Then there’s my favorite part of training – the running. Of course by the time I reach run day I look like an extra in “The Walking Dead.”  Ultra Running was so easy – just run 50 or 100 miles in one day, recover and look for the next event. I was recently asked which is harder — Ironman or Ultra Running? Here is my answer: Ultra Running training is easy but the race is hard. Ironman training is very hard but the race is easy (relatively speaking – save your venomous emails).

So, how does one survive the rigors of IM training? For me the answer is to eat tons, sleep lots, get regular massages and wear RecoFit compression.  I am the champ of compression. Working at a trade show? Compression! Flying to Georgia for an event? Compression! Having a brick day? Compression! Every time I get out of the shower I look for my amazing candy skull bath towel (see photo) and then my RecoFit leg compression sleeves ( After that it’s usually a dope track suit to lounge in for the remainder of the day.

To me compression is equally as important as my custom workout drink (Infinit Shamrock Shake, since you asked). Sure, I could ride for five hours on water but I’ll feel better, ride better and recover faster if I have my magic mix in my bottles. The same applies to compression. You can live without it — but why would you?  You are so much better off with it.

When I don’t wear compression after a workout I feel like my legs are packed up with gunk (how’s that for scientific?) and they are dead for the next workout. Remember, IM workouts can be two to three workouts in one day. YOU MUST RECOVER FAST.  This is especially true if I sit at a desk working all afternoon after a good lunch run. Yes, there are some cool air-pressurized compression boots (that cost about three months’ worth of truck payments) that are good but my RecoFits go anywhere easily and are much cheaper! Like half-a-tank-of-gas cheap.

Am I a sponsored athlete spouting off product talk for RecoFit like a puppet? NOPE! I actually laid out some of that green paper we parents of three college kids rarely see. (I think it’s called cash.)  So do yourself a favor and see what compression solution will work for you. The competitive part of me doesn’t really care if you do or don’t … it’s one more notch up the result page for me! The nice side of me hopes you entrust this cool independent company with your compression needs.

Contemplating an Ironman medal

Contemplating an Ironman medal

BIO: TR is training for the upcoming Boulder Ironman  and can be found running around Colorado mocking other runners who don’t wave or say hello. If you like to waste time at work, you can follow him on Twitter at @missingnail. If approached in the wild by TR, it is best to make yourself as tall as possible and make loud noises. Oh, wait … that’s for bears or mountain lions.  Never mind.