One of Those Days

Posted 10/22/2013

Everyone has them and yesterday it was my turn.  To have one of those days, the kind where sitting and reading a book sounds much nicer than leaving the house.  I was feeling down because of the terrible flooding our community had undergone, leaving so much disaster and destruction in its wake.  So on this particular morning I glanced back at my novel, sighed and left for work.  After I returned home, still feeling flat, I ate an enormous snack.  I was partially trying to delay my workout, partially giving myself time to come up with a good excuse not to do it, and partially trying to fuel myself up enough to get out the door.

The workout my coach had given me was a nasty day of intervals — 30x30s.  Thirty seconds at VO2 followed by 30 seconds of tempo, repeated for 12 minutes straight for a close to all-out effort. After a 20-minute active rest I was going to repeat it.  After another 20-minute active rest I was going to do 20 minutes at my threshold, attempting to hold the same or close to the same power I’d done for the previous two intervals.

I finally got my butt out the door and on my bike but I still wasn’t sold on completing the full workout. After all, it was one of those days, the kind where your legs forget what it is like to push. During the warm-up, my thoughts drifted to how I need to find a second part-time job as quickly as possible since I was just let go at the bike shop I’d been working at during the summer, with less than a week’s notice, because business had slowed due to the floods. My mind was definitely not connected with my legs on the bike.

photo (6)

Adelaide with her coach and a friend on a ride where they had to turn around because of road conditions.

The road I was warming up on had construction at a bridge to repair flood damage.  It was down to one lane with a temporary stop light to alternate the flow of traffic. As I waited for the green light, I was grateful the road was open, but was really wishing I could do this workout up in the mountains instead. The flooding destroyed many of the canyons where the climbs are and they won’t reopen to bikes for months.  It’s hard to focus on training when my income is disappearing and the roads are gone.  My bummer of a mood continued.

I did what I was supposed to for those 12 minutes and didn’t push any harder than necessary.  It turned out to be easier than earlier in the week when I had done the same workout.   I completed them and my power output was barely any lower.  If I could do it without feeling tired afterwards, maybe I could push just a little harder next time and do really well!  For the first time since I had begun pedaling,  I felt like I could still have a good workout.  I relaxed into my rest pace and prepped for my next set of 12 minutes.

On that set, I ended with a power that was three watts higher than I had ever completed on that type of intervals!  Suddenly it was becoming one of those days, the kind we wish for every day, where you are able to reach goals with ease.  I averaged the exact power for the last 20 minutes that my coach and I had discussed the night before.  Perfect.

That night I put on my RecoFit full-leg compression sleeves to help my recovery and read some of my book.  My boyfriend, who is also my coach, and I talked about how it doesn’t matter how your day went as long as your workout was a success. Those bummer days will never disappear but you can tackle them. Some days you will get out for only 15 minutes and call it good, and some days you will have the work out like I just had — the one that motivates you to get out and train the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that.


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1044586_569077519811346_1988442170_nAdelaide works as the customer service representative for RecoFit Compression Gear.  She has been an athlete since her mom ran a 10k while pregnant with Adelaide. Last year she took on ultra-running and completed a 50-miler.  Now she is on to cycling and while she loves a hard workout, sometimes it is nice to sit home with a book.  She recommends Alas Babylon for those who enjoy reading.