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Welcome to the Guest Blog portion of our website. Here you’ll find blog posts from women, men, professional athletes, amateur racers, runners, cyclists and everything in-between. The one thing they all have in common is that they love RecoFit Compression Gear. Follow our guest bloggers as they share race reports, training regimens, new food addictions and whatever else pops into their heads!

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Overcoming “Travel Legs”

Posted 10/29/2015

By Emma Grant

emma-grant-boston-cycling-recofit-compression-gear-recovery-performanceTo say that racing on travel legs is less than ideal is an understatement . They feel heavy, sluggish and don’t cooperate with your mind’s commands. Your body may be technically fresh from doing nothing, but sitting while traveling, however, is definitely tiring…

… Happily, my cross-country stint from Seattle to Boston in September for the Mayors Cup with Team Colavita/Bianchiwas a breeze compared with other trips. Why? Because this time I was armed with my new pair of RecoFit Compression Gear full-leg sleeves.

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Sleep is The Secret!

Posted 4/24/2015

By Jason Fitzgerald

“I call them business meetings,” said pro marathoner Ryan Hall about his daily nap.

Hall is the fastest American marathoner and half-marathoner of all time and is so adamant about his regular rest that he insists it’s part of his job….It’s true. When most elite runners are capable of just about the same training, the competitive advantage is often outside of running. Extra sleep – or extra recovery – may make the difference in how well you adapt to your training…. Read More



tex(2)Nutrition for Post-Workout Recovery

Posted 11/28/2014

By Texas Boesch, BS, NET

For athletes of all ages, abilities and activities, recovery is as important as working out. There are many things you can do to help aid the recovery process, which will in turn, help improve your performance… One that is often overlooked by many athletes, especially age-groupers, is post-workout nutrition. …Read More





Which is harder, Ultra Running or Ironman?

Which is harder, Ultra Running or Ironman?

Ultra Runner turned Ironman Finds It All Equally Insane

Posted 7/2/2014

I have fallen pretty far off the radar and Ironman training is to blame. If you remember me from my previous vainglorious post – and you should (, I was in Ultra Runner mode and collecting belt buckles while losing toenails. Life was easier back then. Get up, run, recover, watch TV (or work), sleep and repeat. Now with Ironman I don’t have time to do anything! Read More




 Jari-Podium_edit (2)Where in the World is Jari Kirkland?

Posted 5/2/2014

Pro mountain bike racer, ski mountaineer, XTerra triathlete – with distinctive braids flying – Jari Kirkland of Crested Butte, Colorado gets around on bikes and skis and races it all…Read More



todd ditch (2)

Masters Runner Aimed High at XC Nationals

Finishing a satisfying 15th overall, Todd Straka gets it done

Posted 3/5/2014

The U.S.A. Cross Country Championships came to Boulder February 15 and for months I’d been looking forward to racing with some of the best Masters runners in the country.  Like any competitor, my goal was...Read More






Dave with RecoFitSouth Carolina runner embarks on ambitious XTERRA run

Dr. Dave Hale plans to enter more than 30 races during 2013-14 season

Posted 12/9/2013


I was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer in 2004 and was told by doctors that I would be lucky to make it through my three months of treatments, and if I did, I then would only have a two percent chance of living past the next year. Yet here I am, nine years later, and I am living the dream by embarking on an ambitious plan…Read More



Rolynn Snow with daughter

Weekend Warriors

How do you balance being a weekend warrior with family and other commitments?

Posted on 11/15/2013

Weekend Warriors, Age Groupers, Amateur Athletes – proud, symbolic badges of honor worn by thousands of people from all over who are committed to staying active.  They are juggling full-time jobs, family, community obligations, carpool and Tuesday-night Bingo.  Where does the training fit in? … Read More




photo (6)One of Those Days

RecoFit Customer Service Representative Adelaide on those  training days

Posted on 10/23/2013

Everyone has them and yesterday it was my turn.  To have one of those days, the kind where sitting and reading a book sounds much nicer than leaving the house.  I was feeling … Read More


Frank OvertonX-C Season is Coming

Fitness and skills in the pre-season

Posted 8/29/2013

Cyclo-cross season will be here before you know it. Are you ready? Now is the time to start refining your ‘cross skills so you will hit the ground running – literally! – when the races heat up.   Read More


michelle runningRacing Afar and Overcoming Jet Lag

Michelle Jezycki Shares Secrets about Combining Races and Travel

Posted on 08/12/2013

Racing and travel are two of my favorite things.  Owning a business that incorporates both is a dream come true.  With Tri the World Travel ( we handle all of the logistics, allowing the athlete to focus on his or her training while we take care of the rest!  A “trication” or “runcation” is the perfect blend to create … Read More



Trek Colorado Racing Team Loves RecoFit!

Great Photos and Insights from the Trek Team on reaping the rewards of hard training!

Posted on 07/11/2013

Training for endurance mountain-bike racing is tough work. The many hours on the bike climbing hills and doing intervals create sore muscles and deep fatigue. After doing this five days a week for 10-20 hours, we need all the help we can get… Read More


Baylor Barbee_finishline_medThe Compression Life

Motivational Speaker Baylor Barbee on Following Dreams and Ambitions

Posted 7/2/2013

As endurance athletes, we’re beginning to understand the value of compression products.  We wear them to perform better and recover faster.  However, for most of us, we tie the compression sleeves’ benefits solely to athletic performance  and health.  The problem is that we are athletes for only a few hours a day, which leaves plenty of extra time to either improve or regress in other areas of life… Read More


AdShot1_editedBehind The Scenes — Sponsorship

Rob Mandje Dishes About Being a Sponsored Athlete

Posted on 06/20/2013

Professional athletes in non-team sports make their living a number of ways. There are myriads of sponsorship opportunities out there, so I figured I’d shed some light on a few. When an athlete and a company are establishing a relationship, they will seek a mutually… Read More



BioShotMeet TR!

Words of Wisdom From a Ridiculous and Brutally Honest Ultra Runner

Posted 6/3/2013

My name is TR. That’s all you really need to know. (Oh, he thinks he’s Prince, Bono or Madonna!). Well, that and … I run a lot. I think about running as often as young men living in their parents’ basement think about Megan Fox. Yes, that much… Read More


Headshot1Checking In From The Giro d’Italia

Garmin-Sharp’s Peter Stetina on Life and Recovery During the Giro

Posted 5/23/2013

Hello from Italy!  As I write this, I am currently compressing with my RecoFit full-leg compression sleeves on one of our far too few rest days (we get two over the 23 days of racing).  Recovery really has become the name of the game at this point, especially with the luck our team has had. Things started out well in the first four days, but with an abnormally horrible Italian spring, we have been skewered and left for dead… Read More


Patty finishing as the 1st Women Overall at Camarillo Sprint Duathlon 4 14 13A Strong Core for Better Performance

Training Tips from Patty Peoples

Posted on 05/06/2013

Hi everyone, I’m happy to be a RecoFIT athlete and share with you some of my knowledge, experiences and training techniques from the past 30 years that have contributed to my 125+ career victories in Duathlons, Triathlons, Bike Races and Running Races and hopefully help you to achieve your athletic and/or fitness goals.  Let’s get started… Read More


Bike_1The Ultra Endurance Athlete

A Thought-Provoking Post from Beth Brewster

Posted on 04/12/2013

What makes a person want to put themselves through extreme mental and physical tests throughout their life (as if once wasn’t enough) is a mystery to many. I often think of horses and dogs and how the Ultra Endurance Athlete is very similar to their mindset. Have you ever watched a dog or horse run until…. Read More


Headshot1Greetings From Peter Stetina

Professional Cyclist on Team Garmin-Sharp

Posted 3/18/2013

Currently I am preparing for the first Euro’ race of my season, la Volta Catalunya, which is our “home away from home” race. You see, it takes place throughout the Catalan region and many of us Garmin-Sharp riders and most Anglophone World Tour riders reside in Girona, Spain, during the race… Read More



A Day In The Life of Roberto Mandje

Olympic Distance Runner

Posted on 03/14/2013

G’day and thanks for stopping by.  My name is Roberto Mandje and I’m an Olympian distance runner.  I’m originally from Spain but have made Boulder my home for the past eight years.  This is my first of hopefully many blog postings so I figured I’d take you, dear reader, through one of my training days… Read More



Meet Paige Dunmore

Ultra Runner, Wife and Kale Addict

Posted on 03/06/2013

I was recently asked by the amazing Susan (the genius behind RecoFit) if I’d be interested in doing some guest blogging over here and, of course, I said yes!  How could I possibly pass up an opportunity to ramble on about running and compressing, on another platform?  I’m new to this whole process , i.e. writing for someone other than myself, so there I sat… Read More