About RecoFit

About RecoFit

My name is Susan Eastman Walton, owner of Move Sport, Inc., and a long-time proponent of “use it or lose it!” Cycling, running, hiking and cross-country skiing are my favorite outdoor activities but a tendency to develop shin-splints often put a damper on my pursuit of fitness and fun.

One day it occurred to me that stopping shin splints from developing would be a much better approach than trying to heal from them. I explored compression socks as they had started appearing on the market but – like the princess and the pea – I couldn’t find any that I found comfortable. Too hot, too tight, too ugly, etc. And I wanted the versatility of different socks for various sports and weather.

Taking advantage of my husband’s knowledge as a sportswear manufacturer – and my out-of-the-box approach because I wasn’t from the sock industry – I ended up with a completely different compression component. It was a sleeve, not a full sock, and it was cut-and-sewn, not a circular knit. We used a carbon-based performance textile out of Italy called Resistex, and it offered gradient compression that also dispersed heat and moisture. I tested the prototype while running in the 2008 Bolder Boulder, a 10k race I hadn’t done since the mid-1980s because of the 6.2 miles of shin-splint-inducing pavement. I was thrilled to find that, not only did my legs feel great at the finish line, they continued to feel good the next day, not tender and achy. RecoFit (for RECOvery and FITness) was born. We’ve since expanded the product line to include a full-leg compression sleeve, a shin-splint therapy sleeve with freezer gel packs, and armcoolers.

This is new territory for me but it’s not illogical. For more than 20 years I was a sports journalist, editor and publicist, writing for local and national publications. I was the media director for numerous events including the Coors Pro Ski Tour, the Coors International Bicycle Classic and the 1986 World Road Cycling Championships, and I co-founded Inside Communications, Inc., former publisher of VeloNews and Inside Triathlon magazines. All along I was a weekend warrior but starting to feel the resulting aches and pains from aging. As a sports medicine doctor told me during an exam for a sore knee, “You’re over 40, you’ve worked out your whole life, you’ve run out of free miles.”

Well, RecoFit Compression Gear has made it possible for me to continue to use it, not lose it, by helping me perform better, recover faster and stay injury free. I hope you find they do the same for you!